The Earthquake Dinosaurs site includes a Principle Researcher who works with collaborators to conduct the research and share educational experiences.


Principal Researcher – Dr. Tim Fedak

Dr. Fedak is vertebrate palaeontologist currently focusing on the Triassic and Jurassic vertebrates of the Bay of Fundy area, with an interest in vertebrate taphonomy (how bones are preserved in the fossil record) and 3D scanning technology. Dr. Fedak is a Research Associate of the Nova Scotia Museum.

Research Based Principles


The Principal Researcher is grateful for previous financial support from:

  • The Jurassic Foundation
  • Nova Scotia Museum Research Grant Program
  • Royal Geographic Society Research Grant Program


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  2. I “discovered” Blue Beach in October 2009 and was blown away by the history. I returned and have been inspired to create artwork from my visits.
    I will help spread the word about your work in Parrsboro!

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