Parrsboro Highschool Geology

Parrsboro Highschool Geology

Today, I gave a talk to the Grade 12 Geology class at Parrsboro Regional Highschool. After I shared some information about a recent research discovery made at the Museum, one student asked “Do you know Don Reid? He’s my grandfather“.   I was impressed with the students in the geology class, they were all attentive and engaged. It is exciting to see the long tradition of interest in the natural history of the Bay of Fundy here in Parrsboro.

Photo from the DNR Website

It’s spring here in small coastal Town of Parrsboro.  Although it doesn’t yet feel like it with mountains of snow that still bury our buildings, fields and coastlines, the big melt is on the way. I reminded the students to stay away from the cliffs, especially during the spring of such a difficult winter.  It was helpful to remind the students that geology is an active process. Erosion of the shore very high when the deep frost line melts and the ground saturates with water during the spring rains.Several students expressed interest in volunteering at the Museum, and it seems likely some of them will become involved.

Students can develop valuable experience while volunteering at the Museum. Some may enjoy the thrill of working of fossils in the research lab, while others like being outside to assist with fossil prospecting or helping with a coastal monitoring research program. There are also opportunities for students to learn and develop digital skills (multimedia, animation) that will be useful experience for their future jobs.

Interested in the Student Volunteer Program? Contact the Fundy Geological Museum.

3D Study of Jurassic Dinosaurs from Nova Scotia

3D Study of Jurassic Dinosaurs from Nova Scotia

Fossil Research Lab Update : 1502-1
Fundy Geological Museum

3D Scan of Leg-Foot

The museum researchers are creating a 3D scan of the block containing the lower leg and foot of one of the Jurassic dinosaurs from Nova Scotia. After repositioning the tibia using a custom-made plaster cradle, the block is being imaged for photogrammatry scanning.

3d Scanning of Jurassic Dinosaurs from Nova Scotia

Here is a preliminary visual analysis completed with the 3D scan.

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3D Scan of Skull Block

After completing the 3D scan of the foot block, the skull block will be 3D scanned to study how the bones of the skull were displaced when the skeleton was buried. Below is an animation that shows how the skull bones appear to have been displaced just prior or during burial, 200 million years ago.

Visit Parrsboro to See More

When you visit the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, you have an opportunity to look into the Fossil Research Lab to see the fossils being studied. Real dinosaur bones are also on display in the museum’s gallery.

This winter the Fundy Geological Museum is changing some of the displays of the Nova Scotia dinosaur specimens. New specimens will be put on display in April 2015.

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New T-Shirt Design

New T-Shirt Design

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The Fundy Geological Museum has developed a new commemorative t-shirt featuring the Bay of Fundy dinosaurs found near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

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